August 3, 2018
Stats You Need to Know
by Curtis Burns
  • Every day there are 5 billion Google searches
  • Of those searches, 40-50% are searches for local businesses
  • Of those local business searches, 34% actually visited the store the same day
  • 50% of those local searches were done through a mobile device
  • And 18% of those who visited the store/business actually purchased something.


  1. Your business needs to have a website, optimized for local searches
  2. Your business website needs to be mobile-compatible.

If you don’t have these two things, you are leaving “money on the table” as they say.

As of 2018 Google has started to pass over websites that are not mobile-compatible (or mobile-optimized).  Handheld devices are taking precedence over “traditional” desktop or laptop computers, and it is important that businesses understand and adapt

Google is also requiring that all websites that will be indexed need to be secured, that is they have an SSL certificate.  In plain-language-speak that means that your website address needs to begin with “https”, rather than “http”.  Most any web development firm can easily do it for you.

Gone are the days when you needed expensive yellow pages ads and newspaper ads, those are becoming more and more extinct by the day.

At GrowthDev, get a free consultation by emailing or call us.  We can show you in simple and clear terms how you an bring your businesses online presence to the latest standards.


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