October 8, 2019
Daring, Confidence, and Vulnerability
by Curtis Burns

There are three things that have delivered success in my life and none cost any money: daring, confidence and vulnerability.

Daring is self-initiative, not being told what to do because you “are your own boss” and you know what you’re doing.

Confidence is knowing that somehow, someway you are going to figure out how to solve any number of problems that stand in your way; as challenging or intimidating as they may seem.

Vulnerability is willingness to look like a fool, to make stumbling attempts, as many times as you need to before something gels inside of you about your plan and how you do it.

I think every day I have embarked on this little business-success journey of mine, I have had to pull those three qualities out of me from somewhere.  The more times I call upon these essential qualities, the more I become competent and powerful in what I do.

Daring. Confidence. Vulnerability.

Every day is a new beginning.   A new dragon to slay, another miracle I have to perform.

I never stop learning in this game.  To be in a job, profession or business where I can “coast” seems a lazy man’s dream; but not a happy one.

So, while I may have actually had a coasting feeling through many years of my life; there’s no better time to stop coasting like right now.


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