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I Have a Bad Review on Google, What Do I Do?

It happens. Somehow someone was not happy because of some service or product they bought from you. It sticks out like a sore thumb on your Google Business Profile. You need to fix it. How?

Free Business Advertising that You May not Know that You Have

You may have noticed that you’re getting a few more new customers these days, and they’re saying things like “hey, you had a good review on Google Maps”. Your response is “What?”, “Review?”, “huh?” It’s okay, but you should know that Google itself, created a special...

Accessing Your Greatest Selling Point, You.

To create a website is not really that hard, just slap some images and text to a website address and there you go.  However, to create a website that people want to go to and return many times, you must make it interesting. Making a website interesting isn’t hard...

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