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SEO for Traffic for Green Bay Websites

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the process whereby your website is keyed to various user searches that pertain to your type of business or field of specialization.

With the advanced search algorithms of Google and the other search engines, utilizing this knowledge and techniques will put your site ahead of 95% of your competition.

The process generally involves:

  • Site Optimization (keywords and content)
  • Analysis of Competition (what is working for others)
  • Site authority building (links and social media)

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Site Optimization

At GrowthDev we optimize your site for organic searches that will come to your site for years to come.  We research the specific keyword phrases, that consumers are using in your niche market.  

Then we create content from those keywords, optimized into a coherent and relevant framework that Google and the other search engines will recognize.  

We optimize all of the site tags, images and pages; and create content (articles and blogs) around these relevant keyword phrases; assuring that Google will deliver to you only only the “hottest” leads.  

Competition Analysis

We do an in-depth analysis of the sites of your competition and seek to one-up the quality of your site.  

We use a combination of data from Google, trends analysis, and more traditional market research methods; as well as a half a dozen other metrics to determine exactly what is needed to put your site on the first page of Google.  

Site Authority Building

Site authority is built up over time by linking to and from various directories, social media pages and other authoritative websites related to your profession and/or business.  

These links allow Google to “see” that you are indeed an authority on your subject matter and they can be assured of the quality of your site as they send visitors to you.  

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