September 23, 2019
Accessing Your Greatest Selling Point, You.
by Curtis Burns

To create a website is not really that hard, just slap some images and text to a website address and there you go.  However, to create a website that people want to go to and return many times, you must make it interesting.

Making a website interesting isn’t hard either.

The person visiting your site (from any number of traffic techniques: organic searches, social media post, or paid ad) needs to see that there is a PERSON behind it who has a STORY to his/her life, and therefore they are in fact INTERESTING and maybe somewhat SIMILAR IN NATURE to the person visiting your website.

These elements are much more interesting than expensive design, sophisticated video production, or high-priced search engine optimization.  Don’t get me wrong, they can help, but if there isn’t a REAL PERSON at the center of it, the site visitor is likely to move on to another site because of simple lack of RESONANCE with the site/business owner.

What is resonance? It’s the fact that two people come together, a buyer and a seller, and they are both human, are not perfect, but that they have hopes and dreams and they desire to make things better for themselves, their families, and the world in general.

You can always buy something from Amazon, but is Amazon someone you can talk to personally, who can answer a simple question to help you, or to even consider is your friend at some level?  Most certainly not.

So, when I’m helping a business owner with their websites, marketing or just helping them to get started.  I always need them to craft their “story” and to somehow include it in their sites and business promotions.  People are STORIES with legs, infinitely interesting, and they can smile also.

It’s not just about money, it’s about relationships. When they know that you are a real person, this is your ace up your sleeve with your more experienced and funded competition.  People are willing to give you a chance because we always root for the underdog; they can see themselves in you.

In many ways the Internet is an algorithm-driven, detached computerized place; but the human-factor is nearly irresistible in the business success system.  You’re not perfect yourself, but you are real and that is enough in itself to drive many people to you and to grow a business with.


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